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03/7/10 - Stand Up Paddle boards have combined fun with a great workout. Visit our longboards/SUP section to see pictures of some recent SUP shapes! Enjoy the water from above!

8/17/09 - VWF Surfboard Raffle. For only $2.00, you can get a raffle ticket to win a specially designed Trueline surfboard with all proceeds going to local VFW 1392. Get your tickets at VFW on Newport Ave in Ocean Beach. Raffle will be held at the VFW Labor Day picnic! View the board and PDF flyer here! All shaping, artwork and glassing labor was proudly donated!

8/15/09 - Trueline vs. 'Falselines'. I have recently been contacted by many surfers and boardshops about so called trueline surfboards. There have been some companies shaping boards under the same name recently. Please know that I have been shaping under the Trueline name in San Diego/Southern California for over 25 years and stand by my products. However, I assume no responsibility for inferior quality products that were made elsewhere and compromise and tarnish the Trueline name. Look for the logos on this website (or the J/N logo) for boards shaped John Neve.

There is something special about having a custom board shaped for you. It's designed with your input, for your skills and surfing goals, and with your desired breaks in mind.

Tap into a local shaper with global knowledge and the aloha to make you a great board...TRUELINE SURFBOARDS.

News and Events

10/11/2008 - Fins and carbon fiber...Please check out the new "Fins" seciton to see John's customs fins that go great with his long boards. Also the carbon fiber project is netting some cool results. Stay tuned for pictures and the possibility to demo boards. 8/26/2008 - John has been working with a company specializing in a unique carbon fiber surfboard production. Check out the latest picts of this new board material technology!

8/15/2008 - John has started work on his stand-up paddle board designs and shapes. He is busy in the "R-and-D" phase but keep your eyes open for a Trueline sweeping along the ocean horizon soon.

7/30/2008 - Coming soon, fins fins fins. John has workd with local and legendary fin producer "Bayne" to get 4 custom templates manufactured. Stay tuned to this site for the different models to be featured. Each fin brings a unique and fun ride to John's boards.

9/8/2007 - This weekend, John and Trueline surfboards attended ASR in San Diego. The Action Sports Retailers convention is a gathering of the hottest shapers, manufacturers, and surfers as they show off the new technologies and share great stories. John can be seen here mingling and talking shop with some of the industry's best.